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Karatay Turizm İşletmleri Yeni Araç Filosu

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Karatay Turizm Yeni Araç Filosu İle Hizmetinizde:

Karatay Turizm İşletmeleri Yeni Araç Filosu ile Sizlere hizmet vermektedir.Full Vip Mercedes Vitolar ile Sizlerin Transferlerini konforlu ve Güvenli şekilde dilediğiniz noktaya getiriyoruz.Bilgi almak için bizleri aramanız yeterlidir.

Karatay Turizm Havalimanı Transfer

karatay for Rental car can provide your private airport transfer, intercity transfer or transportation in Turkey from main airports to Istanbul, We pick you up from everywhere and surrounding resorts. We may do your transfer by a vehicle you request, business travelers, conference and seminar groups, sporting, events by car, minibus or bus depending on the number of pas the airport, or other locations sengers in your group. With us you can book airport services, We will make arrangements to meet your late arrivals and we will be there to provide your transportation needs. Our driver will meet you personally at your terminal arrival gate or platform with a board with “Your Name” written on. You will be escorted to your vehicle, with no-fuss or waiting. Then you can relax as the driver takes care of your trip to your hotel or accommodation or other transfer point. Don’t worry also about rushing to get your flight. With an organised transfer shuttle, we can take you direct to the airport with no stress.We are always willing to provide assistance with luggage.Unlimited time of waiting and parking payment are already included into a rate. We making airport transfer easy and convenient.

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سيارات شركة كاراتاى
شركة كاراتاى للنقل وتأجير السيارات تمكنكم من الانتقال بكل راحة وأمان أيا كمنتم من المطارات الرئيسية الى مدينة اسطانبول الساحرة مندوبنا سوف يكون فى انتظاركم بالمطار مع لوحة تدل على اسم الضيف وايا كانت سبب الزيارة سياحة ام سياسة ام مؤتمؤات او رياضة فأهلا بكم ويمكننا أيضا توفير لكم حجز الفنادق وتذاكر الطيران مع سيارتنا سوف ترتاح وتشغر بالآمان التام نحن سوف نجعل رحلتك أكثر أمانا وراحة وسهولة ونتمنى لك زيارة سعيدة ورحلة ممتعة

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